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Carelia, a decision with heart

"I have always believed in the idea of cosmetics as being capable of combining efficiency and elegance with the essence of nature." - Agnes Navas, Founder and Director of Carelia
Inés Navas

Carelia was founded in 2013 as a result of the concerns of its director and founder, Inés Navas,for the full health care, safety and welfare of her daughters Carla and Claudia.

Ines, aware of the importance of skin care for the smallest kids, would offer her own daughters the best natural product, free of harmful substances.

And that's how they developed a line of shampoo and shower gel, moisturizing body lotion and cologne able to care for natural and deep skin for their daughters, while providing them the pleasure of a smooth and lasting fragrance in their memory.

In Carelia, affection and protection served as premise throughout its development, incorporating the healthiest active ingredients possible for sensitive skin care .

A range of natural cosmetics designed with great care and attention, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists, for babies and children, even for those who need special care since having atopic or hypersensitive skin.

High tolerance essential cosmetics, exquisite textures and smells. Toxic free as parabens, mineral oils and other additives which we consider unnecessary.

Carelia, full name of love

The brand's name comes from a double combination. On the one hand, the union of the name of its founder's daughters, Carla and Claudia, who have been the inspiration and the engine to create our delicate line of children's cosmetics.

And on the other hand, the sum of the word "Care" (in English) with "Family" because with Carelia's cosmetics we are able to take care to the most of the skin of our whole family, since they are products based on the combination of natural ingredients traditionally used and proven effective for all skin types.