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Zona Dermo

Medical Consultation: The Dermatologist speaks

At Carelia we are in luck, we have an exceptional collaborator, the prestigious Dr. Montserrat Pérez López of the Moragas Dermatological Clinic.We will publish her advices and recommendations from the clinical point of view to care for and protect our skin and the children’s....


The doctor’s advice: Knowing the skin of your baby

The skin of a new born is soft and immature. Its sensitivity is extreme due to their lack of protection against external agents once you have cleaned or bathed them for the first time, babies lose their natural protection that cover them in the maternal uterus....


The skin colour of the new born

The colour of the skin is a characteristic that stands out a lot to the parents. It surprises that when they are born have a different skin tone of the one they will have later and that in certain positions or when crying it changes to a more intense colour. As time passes this variations decrease until the skin tone stabilizes....


The allergens in cosmetics

Allergens are the substances responsible for the majority of allergies and have to be declared mandatorily since 2003 in the packaging of any cosmetic product (gel, shampoo, colognes, lotions…).


The skin in the Spring

Spring is here! And like every year, in the spring “are in fashion” the allergies. Although we normally associate allergies to breathing problems, it is not surprising the cutaneous affectation in people with sensitive skin....


Sunbathing: dry skin or wet skin?

Surely sometimes when you have left the pool or the sea you have thought: “I won’t dry my skin so I will tan more.
Which you probably don’t know is that those little drops of water that are left in our body act as a small magnifying glass that intensify the rays of sunlight.This effect worsens in the most powerful hours of sunlight that is when people is used to bath and tan repeatedly...


The sun and how it affects children’s skin

Sunlight is essential for synthesising vitamin D, but overexposure to the sun without special care can have serious consequences. Even with protection, babies under six months old should not be exposed to the sun. Paediatricians and dermatologists advise against sun lotions...


O sole mio

The sun is a source of life but in the summer we must have an special care and protect the skin, above all the skin of babies and kids.
The first and best sun protection is not to be under the sun...


Dermatitis atòpica

¿Alguna vez os habéis preguntado qué es exactamente la dermatitis atópica o que hay que hacer para minimizar sus inconvenientes? La pediatra especializada en dermatología Anna Estapé nos lo cuenta con un video senzillo y rápido.