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The allergens in cosmetics

Allergens are the substances responsible for the majority of allergies and have to be declared mandatorily since 2003 in the packaging of any cosmetic product (gel, shampoo, colognes, lotions…).

These substances can trigger allergic reactions like eczemas or stinging when they are in contact with the skin and will remain that way all our lives. In cosmetics these allergens are gathered in a list of the European Scientific Committee as the IS26.

You will find them in the label, where the ingredients of the formulation are: Ingredients/INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient), it is important to know them and know how to identify them to prevent possible reactions. Nowadays the list has 26 substances but the European Union is studying to widen it.

Remember to read always the label of the products and avoid non grata substances for your skin and your family’s.