Our History

Carelia was born in 2013 in Barcelona, founded by Inés Navas with the ambition to take the utmost care of the health, safety and well-being of her daughters Carla and Claudia.

Being aware of the importance of skin care for children, she wanted to offer her own daughters the best natural products, free of harmful substances. She wanted to avoid questionable chemical products and use products of the highest quality, gentle and kind to extremely delicate skin.

Thus, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists, she has developed a line of essential cosmetics to take care of her daughters' skin in a natural and deep way. Going even further in her desire, she also wanted the products to be a real pleasure for the senses. She meticulously selected exquisite textures and a scent that would create wonderful and lasting childhood memories of moments of shared affection and happiness.

Carelia, a name full of love

Inés came up with this brand name from a double combination. On the one hand, from the union of her daughters' names, Carla and Claudia, who were her inspiration and the engine to create our delicate line of natural cosmetics for children and, on the other hand, from the combination of the word 'Care' + 'Familia' (which means 'family' in Spanish).


Since then, our range has widened while staying true to the same strict rules in our preparations. Our products are natural and organic, high-quality, non-toxic, made to meet the needs of the most sensitive skins, whatever their age.

Our Commitment

'This is natural care' is our motto. We firmly believe that we should respect and live in harmony with nature, which is the common thread in all areas of Carelia, the source and home of the natural ingredients for our products.

It means that we take care of the skin by creating formulas based on the selection and combination of natural plant extracts rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids.

We have eliminated from our preparations all the superfluous ingredients not necessary for skin care, without sacrificing efficacy.

We turned to the simplest ingredients, to purity, with formulas where 'less is more' and that are based on the experience provided by the ingredients traditionally used to invest in quality, well-being and sustainability. This is why we always use cold extraction processes to obtain the purest nutrients and top quality in each product.

All our products have undergone the most extensive clinical testing before going into the market. These dermatological tests have been carried out on volunteers, never on animals, getting excellent grades for High Tolerance and Proven Efficacy, even on atopic skins, in all the tests performed.

We promote the ethical treatment of animals and we are a Cruelty-Free certified company by the committed PETA.org association

At Carelia, we give as much care to our formulas as we do to our packaging. We strive to apply truly sustainable solutions and minimise our environmental impact, avoiding unnecessary packaging as much as possible.

We use both recycled and recyclable materials and our packaging, boxes or bags is designed so that it can be kept and given a second life instead of thrown it away when empty. Even so, we are always looking for innovative alternatives.

We actively collaborate with Ecoembes (a non-profit organization that cares for the environment through recycling and the ecodesign of packaging in Spain) in the preservation of the environment

Carelia, Awards

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