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O sole mio…

The sun is a source of life but in the summer we must have an special care and protect the skin, above all the skin of babies and kids.

The first and best sun protection is not to be under the sun.

We should avoid the kids to be under the sun in the central hours of the day (form 12pm to 6pm). Not just for the sunburns but also to avoid sunstroke.

The second best option is the protection of the clothes.

The third is the sun protection creams.

Whenever we have planned that a kid gets exposed to the sun it is convenient to use sun protection creams. I recommend to use the highest protection available for kids, which nowadays is +50.

Which is the suitable way to use a sun protection cream?

It should be applied for the first time at home. This makes the skin to fix it deeper.

A lot of kids arrive to the beach, they have the cream applied and then they go to the water. In this case it doesn’t allow the cream to fix and the water eliminates it. If you haven’t applied the sun protection at home, after applying it, wait at least 15 minutes before letting him go bathing.

 No sunscreen protects more than 2 hours. So if you stay longer in the sun, you should re-apply the protection cream.

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