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Bathroom essentials that go beyond personal care, a moment just for YOU.

Mums + babies Calming and protective soap made with a traditional formula based on 100% pure vegetable oils extracted by cold pressure (olive and coconut oils). It has been also enhanced with organic pot marigold for its calming and softening properties and has been formulated especially for the most sensitive and delicate skin. 
Mums + babies A lovely repairing and toning organic rosehip soap made in a traditional way with vegatable oils extracted by cold pressure. A soft cleaning and a silky foam, a pleasure for the senses.

Cocoa Organic Soap

Mums + babies A soap delightfully creamy, moisturising and regenerative made in a traditional way based on botanical oils 100% pure (olive and coconut oils) extracted by cold pressure and enhanced with organic cocoa butter. Its silky and delicate formula due to the action of polyphenols is perfect to give back elasticity to the skin also leaving it clean...

Body Lotion

Botanical body lotion rich in nourishing and soothing sweet almond, cotton seed oil, aloe vera, oat and organic shea butter oils for a deliciously repairing and moisturising massage. Your skin will feel restored and smooth from the very first moment. 200 ml

Pack Routine

210404 20423
Your care routine to maintain healthy skin. This pack contains: Gel & Shampoo 500 ml Body Lotion 200 ml Exfoliating Body Brush
Brush made of FSC-certified beech wood with natural bristles to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and toxins in a natural way, stimulating blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system at the same time. Your skin will feel smoother, toned and healthier. Brush your skin dry before showering, or if it is better for your routine, use it...
This brush made of FSC certified wood and maple tips is the most natural way to reactivate blood circulation, helping to prevent fat from depositing under the skin and cellulite from appearing. Tones and relaxes thanks to the pressure points that each nodule exerts on the skin.Can be used on a daily basis, over either dry or wet skin (applying your...
Aromatherapy pillow filled with organic lavender flowers, chamomile flowers and wheat seeds that helps you relax, fall asleep, relieve facial tension or headaches by gently activating acupressure points around the eyes. Its aroma gives you a deep sense of calm, it will be ideal for practicing yoga or meditation. Its inner confection and outer cover have...

Gel & Shampoo

Stimulating Gel-Shampoo created with organic green tea extract, rich in antioxidants active ingredients and vitamin C and E that, together with calendula extract, oat extract and bisobolol, gently clean the skin to keep the body moisturised and revitalides, to enjoy this feeling all day long. 500 ml

Pack Serenity

20423 21286
Take your time. Breathe, disconnect, relax. This pack contains: Rosehip Organic Soap Body Lotion 200 ml Anti-Cellulite Massage Brush Pure Calm Candle
100% GOTS certified organic cotton towel perfect for use by the whole family. Zero waste, washable and reusable. Ideal for baby hygiene and to prepare the skin before the application of serums and creams.
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