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This is Natural Care.





A ritual of care and tenderness since the first day.

Gentle and delicate formulas for the most sensitive skin

Our formulas are simple with gentle, natural and organic ingredients to ensure healthy skin and pamper those you love the most.

Delightful floral eau de cologne with a soft, fresh and slightly powdery base. A fragrance of neroli, orange blossom and lily of the valley to indulge your senses. The smell of flowers, love and unforgettable and unique moments. A fragrance that creates memories.

Soft Baby Care Set

417291 L. 21279
Our "Soft Baby Care Pack" is made up of a natural konjac sponge, a natural baby brush and a bar of solid calendula soap. Designed to take care of your baby in the softest and most delicate way, thus respecting her skin while taking care of nature.
100% natural plant-based laundry soap, free of enzymes that can irritate the delicate skin of babies and people with allergies, sensitive skin or eczema. Effectively cleans clothes, by hand or machine. Gentle on fabric fibres and skin, but strong on dirt. No fabric softener required. Atopic skin, multiple chemical sensitivity? Did you know that chemicals...

Diaper Cream Balm Eco

Diaper Cream Balm calms and protects the most sensitive areas of the baby's body from the irritations caused by dermatitis of the nappy with a bioregenerative blend of certified organic ingredients.

Did you know...

Fulfilling our deep commitment to create skin care with only the best ingredients nature has to offer, Carelia's preparations have 0% parabens, sulphates, dyes, mineral oils, phthalates or other substances that we find questionable.

Creating for Baby and Mom skincare

Mums + babies A lovely repairing and toning organic rosehip soap made in a traditional way with vegatable oils extracted by cold pressure. A soft cleaning and a silky foam, a pleasure for the senses.

Body Oil - Mum & Baby

L. 231093
Dry, light, 100% natural body oil made with a careful selection of high-quality, cold-pressed botanical oils. The synergy of its jojoba, avocado, rice and sunflower oils in a formula rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and mineral salts for their repairing and soothing power, nourish and stimulate epidermal elasticity, helping against stretch marks, dry skin...
Moisturizing Body Milk to calm and prevent irritations of the skin. Silky formula made from natural plant extracts such as oat, cotton seed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera. This body milk is also suitable for babies and children with sensitive or atopic skin. The perfect way to pamper your baby with a pleasant massage any time and since...
Brush made of FSC-certified beech wood with natural bristles to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and toxins in a natural way, stimulating blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system at the same time. Your skin will feel smoother, toned and healthier. Brush your skin dry before showering, or if it is better for your routine, use it...

Less is more.

100% natural care. We eliminated all the superfluous ingredients from our preparations. A careful selection of natural and organic, healthy, effective and sustainable active ingredients.

Cruelty free.

All our products have been tested on human volunteers, not on animals. We promote the ethical treatment of animals and we are a Cruelty-Free certified company by the committed association

ISO 16128.

Transparency and safety is our top priority, which is why our products have been monitored under the globally harmonised criteria set forth in the 'ISO 16128 regarding Natural Cosmetic Products'

Atopic skin.

All of our products have undergone the most extensive clinical tests before being placed on the market, getting excellent grades for High Tolerance and Proven Efficacy, even on atopic skins, in all the tests performed.

We want to thank you for your confidence in taking care of the skin of those you love the most with the pampering of Carelia love nature

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