This is natural care!

We firmly believe that we should respect and live in harmony with nature, which is the common thread in all areas of Carelia, the source and home of the natural ingredients for our products.

It means that we take care of the skin by creating formulas based on the selection and combination of natural plant extracts rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids.

Less is more!

Dermatological studies indicate that 60% of the products that we apply to our skin end up in our bloodstream. That’s why at Carelia, we have eliminated from our preparations all the superfluous ingredients not necessary for skin care, without sacrificing efficacy.

We turned to the simplest ingredients, to purity, with formulas where 'less is more' and that are based on the experience provided by the ingredients traditionally used to invest in quality, well-being and sustainability.

Love & Care!

We can only come up one way of working, with a lot of love for your skin and your well-being, taking care of every formula and every detail. 

Carelia was born with the purpose of offering the best natural product for the extremely delicate skin of babies and children, free of harmful substances, avoiding questionable chemical products. But we are expanding our range for the whole family, staying true to the same strict rules when formulating... because we are aware that loving them means loving ourselves.

Awarded year after year.

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